Best places to meet girls in public

Every single day, there is a new quality, amazing beautiful woman doing something other than going to the clubs and going to the bars. As someone looking for a relationship, more often than not, bars or clubs are a good way to take your mind off of someone. But bars are a poor foundation to start something meaningful. But if you’re just looking to hook up, then yes, bars are a great place to do that.

If you’re tired of going out with your same group of friends and meeting the same type of women, then you might be interested to know these public places where you can meet attractive and high quality girls.

Health Food Stores

The most attractive women take care of themselves, and they’ll be shopping at these healthy stores regularly for sure. So the next time you need some fresh apples or veggies, don’t forget to check out one of your local health food stores and take a peek. And by the way, don’t forget approach a girl with confidence.

Shopping Malls


Girls love to shop. On any given weekend day, there are attractive women out everywhere. You just have to know where to find them. Check out your local downtown area, shopping centers or touristy spots. If the sun is shining, you’ll be guaranteed to find a couple of hotties walking around.


A lot of gyms do yoga or cardio kickboxing. Those are events that more women (between the ages of 18 and 35) go to as opposed to men. Most guys go to the gym to hit the weights and that’s all they do. Women love working out in a lot more fun environment. So the gym is definitely a good way to visit, meet new women and have fun while improving your body.

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