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  How to get girls to do anal sex

It’s a long standing trend that people tend to be into taboo things more often than not, and one of the ‘lightest’ and most easily accessed taboos is anal sex, it also has the allure that you are literally fucking your girl’s ass, which to many guys is a dream.  Men are also very big fans of anal porn, so it’s to no surprise that they want to engage in it with their partners, however, for the women it’s slightly different, many girls simply don’t want to do it, so today we’ll be exploring some ways to get your SO into anal sex.

Tell them that it feels good for girls too.

The important misconception here is that anal feels good only for the man, because men have a prostate, however this is simply untrue, anal stimulation is a massive turn on for many women, some of which can ONLY orgasm from anal sex. It’s also a fact that orgasms after anal sex are a lot stronger than those that come from vaginal sex, and over 90% of women that have had anal in their last sexual encounter had an orgasm, which is a very important metric to keep in mind. This should be especially effective if your partner has trouble orgasming purely vaginally or through vaginal penetration, as anal can be a different way to do it.

Talk to them calmly about your desire to do it.

Your partner should be someone that respects your desires, at least In the sexual respect. If anal is a wish of yours, there is no reason not to try it, especially if they care about you a lot, sit your partner down and calmly and slowly explain how much and why you want anal sex, offer to stop if it hurts them, make it comfortable etc.

Explain that it doesn’t have to hurt.

A lot of women mistakenly think that anal HAS to hurt you, however this simply isn’t true, with enough stretching, preparation and lube, the penis will go in just fine with no harm done to the woman, there is even less harm every following time that it goes inside. So while the first time IS the hardest, it doesn’t have to be painful to the woman and can be an enjoyable experience for both participants right off the bat.